Weekend Outdoor Inspiration March 19, 2021

This week is much the same as last, lots of ice and mud. So be prepared to get dirty. If you’d rather stick to paved, less messy trails make sure to look back at the post of March 5 where I highlighted a bunch of them.

Here is your WEEKEND INSPIRATION to get out and stay out!


Tyneside Trail, Binbrook ON
There is a parking lot on Tyneside Road just south of Chippewa Rd in Binbrook (Google maps will show you exactly where). From there the trail is an out and back trail about 4-5kms long. Great views of Lake Niapenco from the little side trails and there’s a lookout tower. It’s an easy hike for all levels of hikers.

Buffalo Crag Lookout Trail, Rattlesnake Point CA, Milton ON
Just over 3km long, it’s a loop trail. If you’ve never been to Rattlesnake Point, I highly recommend it, the views are top notch. Lots of places along the way to look out over the escarpment. Be aware that this trail does follow along the escarpment – high elevations along a cliffside, so if you’re not comfortable with that, it may not be for you. If you are looking for a longer hike, this trail connects to others that would make it much longer, you can hike right into Crawford Lake CA if you want to. Don’t forget, reservations required.


Sugarbush Season, Mountsberg Conservation Area, Milton ON
Sugarbush season starts on March 6 and runs until April 5. You can check out the Maple Maze, Maple Trivia Trail, Historical Sites, Birds of Prey, Natural Playground and Fireside Lounges all for your regular admission price. As usual reservations are required.
Mountsberg is also offering small, reserved tours. During the 1 hour tour you will get a lesson on tree ID and tapping, a guided journey through the sugarbush, tree cookie branding and syrup tasting flight. This is offered Thursdays to Sundays (& holidays) There is an added cost for the reserved tours and you can find pricing here
If you are making a reservation for the self guided experience make sure you chose ‘member’ or ‘non member’ under the Visitor Type on the reservation page so you are not charged the extra fee.If you want to make a reservation for the guided tour (extra cost) make sure to chose ‘guided tour’ when reserving.

Glen Eden, Kelso Conservation Area, Milton ON
Last runs of the season March 21! Reservations are required and please see their website for all the Covid protocols so you’re prepared when you arrive

City of Burlington
The City of Burlington has launched a new Spring Challenge, called Spring Into Health. Two week challenges (designed to get families moving) for teams of 2 households to work together to win prizes. Challenges are issued every day, running in two week segments from March 14 to May 29. Check it out here

City of Hamilton
The City of Hamilton is running the Frosty Fun program. There’s Story Walks! Information and locations here
you can borrow nordic poles for free – no snowshoes due to low snow (reservation required)

Royal Botanical Gardens
The RBG has started up their Oaks & Acorns Nature Play program for 2-5 year olds. The program entirely outdoors that includes nature walks, storytelling, imaginative and loose parts play, and hands-on discovery. Starts March 15. Register here

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