weekend outdoor inspiration april 23, 2021

The snow is behind us, Spring flowers are in bloom, weather is looking good for the weekend! Here’s your WEEKEND OUTDOOR INSPIRATION!


Grimsby Lookout Loop, Bruce Trail, Grimsby ON
Grimsby Lookout Loop is about 4km long. It’s pretty steep and narrow in spots so this trail is better for older kids who like a good challenge or kids you can still carry in a carrier. Definitely not stroller friendly. I don’t recommend this trail for little kids who have no sense of danger. The look outs at the top do have railings for safety. The cool thing about this trail is that you’re climbing the escarpment and it follows a stream most of the way. The views are fantastic. You can park at Lions Pool Parking lot on Elm Street in Grimsby and walk up Gibson St where the trail begins.

Round the Lake Trail, Christie Lake Conservation Area
This trail is a little over 5km long, relatively easy and (as the name suggests) goes around Christie Lake, features a forested area, picnic areas, and crosses over a dam. You can even take a little side trail (right beside the dam) to see the ruins of an old Mill from 1860. Click here for more info.


Conservation Halton
Want to help the ecologists at Conservation Halton? They’re looking for Citizen Scientists, here’s what they say – April is #CitizenScienceMonth! 🔎🐟🌼🌲 Bored at home and want to become a citizen scientist? Download the iNaturalist.org app, upload photos of the plants, animals and insects that you find in your community, learn about more about the species around you and contribute research-grade data to help the ecologists at Conservation Halton protect the biodiversity in our watershed!

City of Burlington
The City of Burlington has launched a new Spring Challenge, called Spring Into Health. Two week challenges (designed to get families moving) for teams of 2 households to work together to win prizes. Challenges are issued every day, running in two week segments from March 14 to May 29. Check it out here

Royal Botanical Gardens
The RBG is a great Virtual At Home learning resource. Lots of virtual learning opportunities, print outs, activities and games you can do in your own backyard. Click here for more info

Hamilton Conservation Area, Nature At Home program
HCA says “Looking for some fun, nature-based activities for home? Our environmental education staff have put together some resources for activities you can do at home, in your backyard, or during a walk in your neighbourhood.” More info here

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