Bronte Creek Provincial Park Trail Reviews

Have you wanted to try a trail at Bronte Creek but didn’t know where to start? Since Bronte Creek (and all Provincial Parks) are offering free day use this Sunday, June 20 to celebrate Ontario families AND free day use Monday to Thursday until September, plus a Facebook group member (Hamilton-Halton Outdoor Family Fun on Facebook) requested trail reviews of Bronte Creek. I thought maybe everyone would want to know what’s up at Bronte. So I’ve reviewed all of the major trails within the park. Please note: on the free days, you still need to stop at the gate and get a permit, it’s free, but you still need to get it.

Bronte Creek Trail Reviews

Half Moon Valley Trail – 2km loop trail down the ravine to Bronte Creek. Mostly forested with a boardwalk through a marshy area. Not stroller/wheelchair friendly. It’s a steep trail so be careful with little ones that aren’t steady on their feet. Once down though, it’s super fun to play around in the creek. There is a section of the trail where there is Giant Hogweed, so stay on the marked trail. Park in Parking Lot F. Walk behind the Spruce Lane Farmhouse and follow the signs to Half Moon Valley Trail, once there follow the brown blazes.

Trillium Trail – 1km easy loop trail through a forest. Stroller/wheelchair friendly if it’s dry, this is a dirt trail, so if it’s muddy it would depend on your wheels. Perfect for little ones who can’t (or won’t) walk very far. Especially because Spruce Lane Farm is right there with a few animals to see. Park in Parking Lot F. Walk behind Spruce Lane Farmhouse to find the signs for the Trillium Trail and follow the hot pink 🙂 blazes.

Lookout Ravine Trail – 2.5km easy out and back trail. This trail runs along the top of the ravine, mostly forested. The trail is mostly crushed gravel making it stroller/wheelchair friendly, there are sections that could get muddy if it’s been raining. There are many little unnamed side trails branching off the main trail that you could take to make it a loop if you preferred. Park in Parking Lot A, walk behind the comfort station and follow the road/trail to the trail head marked Lookout Ravine Trail. On the Bronte Creek Park map this is the orange trail.

Logging Trail – .5km easy dirt side trail through a forested area. This trail is accessed from the Lookout Ravine trail and it’s one you could take to loop back to Parking Lot A.

Barrier Free Trail (including Gnome Road) – This trail is about 1.5km long, however there’s a walk through a field to get to it first so keep that in mind for little ones who can’t walk very far. It’s an easy paved looped trail that runs by the pool area, through a field and Gnome Road (the cutest little trail with all kinds of gnome and fairy homes along it). You can also climb the big hill for some great views of the park. Stroller/Wheelchair friendly. You can park in Parking Lot C by the Nature Centre and Play Barn. Walk the little road behind the Play Barn and follow the signs to Gnome Road. On the Bronte Creek Park map this trail is the dark yellow trail.

Maiden’s Blush Trail – 1.5km easy looped paved trail. Stroller/wheelchair friendly. It’s a forested trail that also includes Gnome Road and a pond. You can access this trail the same way you access the Barrier Free Trail (Parking Lot C behind the Play Barn) or you can park in Parking Lot A, head south through the picnic area toward the trees to the trail head.

Bronte Creek also has sports fields (including disc golf), multiple playgrounds, multiple picnic areas (you can bring your own portable BBQ’s), two farms with farm animals to see and 2 old tractors to climb and play on (Parking Lots F & C), basketball courts

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